IS-LM Models

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be….
The Monetary Base, IS-LM, And All That (Very Nerdy), Paul Krugman, NY Times, 23 Aug 2013
The Microfoundation Thing (Wonkish), NY Times, 2 Mar 2012
Ah Yes, LM, NY Times, 8 Oct 2011
Greg Mankiw blog, 8 Oct 2011 and his fuller May 2006 entry
IS-LMentary, NY Times, 9 Oct 2011

Paul Krugman’s earlier IS-LM paper (recommended)…How complicated does the model need to be? Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Winter 2000
Also look at David Romer’s article…Keynesian Macroeconomics without the LM Curve, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2000
For some harder stuff look at EconomistsView blog, Oct 2011…the comments are priceless!