EU Summit: The Best Bits

Marx observed that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce…..
Snags, diversions – and the crisis goes on, Financial Times, 11 Dec 2011.
Eurozone leaders duck all the big issues, Daily Telegraph, 10 Dec 2011.
Beware the Merkozy recipe, The Economist, 10 Dec 2011.
A Summit to the Death, Kevin O’Rourke, Project Syndicate, 9 Dec 2011.
Quotes du jour – Eurofudge edition, Financial Times, 9 Dec 2011.
Absolute favourite bit…the French official who claimed that Cameron’s negotiation stance on the euro was like a man going to a wife swapping party without his wife… after all the DSK stuff, it just had to be a French man to say that!

Smart Asian investors saw all this coming…Asian powers spurn German debt on EMU chaos, The Telegraph, 17 Nov 2011.

For background data, some nice interactive graphics from Reuters, the BBC, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist