Fantasy Optimisation: Week 26

As always the weekly optimisation comes up with serious challenges to received wisdom….
Good luck Old Joe punters!

First team Expected points Cost(£mn)
Ruddy (Norwich) GK 6.0 £4.2
Lescott (Man City) DEF 11.0 £6.2
Assou-Ekotto (Tottenham) DEF 8.7 £6.1
Bardsley (Sunderland) DEF 7.3 £4.8
Dempsey (Fulham)  C MID 24.0 £9.1
McClean (Sunderland) MID 11.0 £4.7
Sessegnon (Sunderland) MID 10.7 £7.2
Bale (Tottenham) MID 9.0 £9.7
Van Persie (Arsenal) FWD 10.7 £13.4
Zamora (QPR) FWD 8.7 £6.8
Keane (Aston Villa) FWD 8.7 £5.1
115.7 £77.3
Friedel (Tottenham) GK (5.7) £5.7
Morrison (West Brom) MID (5.3) £5.3
Olsson (West Brom) DEF (4.5) £4.5
Martin R (Norwich) DEF (4.3) £4.3

The weekly optimisation assumes an £80mn budget for the first team, a risk-neutral “investor” who is maximising expected points subject to the usual fantasy constraints, and where expected points reflect only limited modifications (due to injuries, bans, etc) to past form. More complex form modifications, taking into account factors such as the strength of opposition and the home advantage, remain “work-in-progress”. Of course, different answers emerge if you are “inheriting” an existing team. In that case, a separate optimisation is required to take into account the points deduction cost of more than one transfer.