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Additional learning material

AEA Resources for Economists
Brookings Institution

Burda & Wyplosz online resources
Blanchard online resources
Mankiw online resources
Eur macro tutor

Cecchetti & Schoenholtz online resources
Mishkin online resources

Sloman Economics News Site

Foundation Maths

The Story of Maths
Adventures in Numberland
University of Plymouth Maths Resources
Croft & Davison online resources for Foundation Maths

News ‘n views

Economist magazine
Bloomberg News
Bloomberg Visualisations’s economicsĀ blog
Wall Street Journal blog
New York Times Krugman blog

Blogroll, issue papers


Greg Mankiw’s blog
VoxEU blog
Project Syndicate

The Big Picture
Economist’s View
Tim Duy’s Fed Watch
Calculated Risk
Economics Intelligence
Marginal Revolution
McKinsey Global Institute
Peterson Institute for International Economics
Seeking Alpha

Dan Ariely
Undercover Economist


World Bank
Bank for International Settlements

Federal Reserve
European Central Bank
Bank of England

US Treasury
UK Treasury
European Commission
Euro Area Statistics


St Louis FRED
St Louis Economics
US Treasury Data and Charts Center
IMF WEO Database
HM Treasury Indicators (the pocket databank is updated weekly and contains plenty of global figures as well as detailed UK material)
USDA International Macroeconomic Data Sets
World Bank Global Economic Monitor (Daily data updates on exchange rates, equity markets, interest rates, stripped bond spreads, and emerging market bond indices. Monthly data coverage on consumer prices, high-tech market indicators, industrial production and merchandise trade.)

OECD Statistics
World Bank
United Nations
UNCTAD Foreign Direct Investment

Penn World Tables
BIS Statistics
ECB Statistical Data Warehouse
Guardian Data Store


Econonomic Lowdown from St Louis Fed
Freakonomics Radio
LSE Public Lectures
Planet Money
Radio 4 Analysis (includes the Keynes vs Hayek LSE debate in August 2011)
Radio 4 Farming Today (great for insights as to how food markets work in the real world)
Radio 4 More Or Less (Tim Harford explains – and sometimes debunks – the numbers and statistics used in political debate, the news and everyday life)
VoxEU audio

Timelines, Calendars & Chronologies

BIS chronology (covers major global events since 1929)
St Louis Fed overview of the financial crisis
BBC Eurozone crisis timeline

FRBNY Economic Indicators Calendar global economic calendar
FXStreet global economic calendar

EU chronologies relating to Economic and Monetary Union
Council on Foreign Relations interactive guides to the global economy


St Louis FRB International Economic Trends
FRBNY Chartbooks of Global Economic Indicators
FRB Dallas Global Economic Conditions
FRB Dallas Quick Slide Show on the US Economy
FRB Atlanta Economic & Financial Highlights
US Treasury Data and Charts Center
RBA Chart Pack (as well as lots of Australian-focussed charts, the global section is very useful for its emphasis on Asian trends – especially in China and India)
World Bank eAtlas of Global Development (interactive & downloadable data/charts)

The Observatory of Economic Complexity (great graphics)
Advisor Perspectives (useful collection of timely market-focussed charts)
Trading Economics (broad global coverage of economic and financial data)