Olympic Medal Table: Adjusted!

Because population size, GDP per capita, past performance and “host-nation advantage” historically have a strong relationship to nations’ Olympic success, here are some alternative rankings…
The FT 2012 Olympic medal table, FT.com, Aug 2012
Olympics 2012: the alternative medals table, The Guardian, Aug 2012
Piling up the prizes, The Economist, 30 Jul 2012

My personal favourite?   https://twitter.com/ArsenalGent/status/230693031282618368

Britain’s Borrowing Binge

Useful insights (and a neat application of national income accounting identities) as to why Britain’s higher-than-expected public borrowing coexists with unusually low real yields, prompting renewed calls for extra infrastructure investments…
Britain’s Balance Sheet Recession, Ed Conway, Sky News, 21 Aug 2012
Austerity’s not working, Chris Dillow, Stumbling and Mumbling, 21 Aug 2012
Borrowing figures prompt co-ordinated growth push across Whitehall, The Guardian, 22 Aug 2012