How Keynesian Are You?

Squabbling over the relevance of some guy who died nearly 70 years ago does make the academic discipline of macroeconomics seem rather pathetic
Wren-Lewis, Mainly Macro, 27 Nov 2014
Amen, but let let’s talk about it anyway…
Keynes is slowly winning, Paul Krugman, 26 Nov 2014
Keynes is slowly losing (winning?) Marginal Revolution, 27 Nov 2014
Roger Farmer’s quiz for wannabe Keynesians…

The Politics of Global Financial Stability

The IMF argues that the crisis – now in its fifth year – has moved into a new, more political phase (phase 1 was the US private sector subprime crisis, phase 2 the the systemic banking crisis that engulfed Europe as well as the US, and phase 3 the sovereign debt crisis). The clear message is that central banks have done as much as is reasonably possible…politicians now have to live up to their responsibilities, make the tough choices and see the job through.

The IMF’s latest Global Financial Stability Report┬ámakes four key recommendations….

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